RO Chemicals
 Pretreat Plus™-100

Pretreat Plus™ - 0100 is a highly effective antiscalant, specially formulated for feedwaters with the highest levels of metal oxides, silica, and scale-forming minerals. It is effective over a wide range of concentrations, and does not flocculate dissolved polymers such as residual coagulants or iron or aluminumrich silica.

 ProTec RO™ C

ProTec RO™ C is a highly effective anticoagulant and antifoulant for all membrane systems treating feedwaters with high potentials for fouling by silt, organics, colloids and fine particulates. It is effective over a wide range of concentrations, and does not flocculate dissoloved polymers such as residual coagulants, iron or aluminum-rich silica.

 Protec RO™

Protec RO™ is a highly effective antifoulant, specially formulated for feedwaters with the highest potential for fouling by colloidal particles and organic matter. It is effective over a wide range of concentrations. Use of this product is recommended for reducing the operating and capital costs of reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF) systems.


ProFloc™-C is a coagulant for improving significantly the efficiency of the removal of colloidal particles and dissolved polymers by multi-media filters. This formulation contains a high molecular weight organic polymer. It is to be injected ahead of the multi-media filters.

 Liquid Membrane 
 DiamiteTM BFT
Diamite BFT is designed to aggressively remove silt, organics, particulates, colloids and microbiological foulants from thin film composite membranes. The unique formulations include a highly effective sanitizing agent that eliminates the need for hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, and other membrane disinfectants as a post or pretreatment to membrane cleaning.  
 Powder Membrane
 Cleaners: KL
TM Series

KL ™  Series are heavy duty action cleaners that quickly and easily mix with water to make an easy to use cleaning solution that safely and effectively remove a wide range of membranes foulants from polyamide thin film (TF), cellulose acceate (CA) and ultrafilitration (UF) membrane elements.


 General Products

 RO Membranes Reverse Osmosis Membranes of various sizes / brands to effectively reduce the TDS of the feed stream.
 Industrial  Salt Supply of high purity, dirt free, non-iodized, crystal, common salt for industrial solutions.
 Float Switch Regulates fluid level in the tank or well etc.
Resistant to water (sewage water).
Easy to install, automatic and adjustable.
Reliable and maintenance free.
Available with extended cable lengths of up to 5 meters
 Pressure Tanks for
Ideal for irrigation applications, booster systems, shallow jet pumps and centrifugal pump configurations. High grade butyl rubber diaphragm and poly propylene liner assembly that completely contains drawdown water.

Plumbing and heating products - products which continue to set the standards for today's global market. Out of this great tradition has come the comprehensive Prestex range of valves and fittings.

 Other Products   Pressure Switch
5 way Brass 'T'
Pressure Control / NRV
 Sanitary Fittings Wide range of High quality , internationally accepted aesthetic Floor Drains of reputed makes.
Also available tailor made to suit your specific requirement.